We work with the elements energies and the stars influence; the power of nature! You can practice in simplicity, in harmony with nature and that, no matter what you believe in, your culture or your experience. We simplified, adapted and demystified our discoveries, to build a rich, harmonious and modern practice. Retrieve your inner power and provoke change in your life!


Our elemental connection service allows to define your dominant element and your inferior element. In natural magic, it is essential to know your strengths and how to balance your weaknesses, to avoid excesses and live in harmony with the energies that live deep inside. Our expertise in the elements field is at your service.

Elemental Connection


KIM, Partner

Specialized in energy manipulation and psychism, Kim has practiced eclectic magic for more than 15 years. She holds in her baggages experiences with the afterlife and astral travelling. Student in phytotherapy, she is passionate about occult phenomenons. Her influences come from natural magic, divination, meditation and herbalism. Her interests focus on individual analysis, occultism, spiritism and fire magic.



We offer you lessons of various levels, for those who want to learn more about natural magic. Our classes are useful to put some order in your learning, review notions for the more advanced or get a simplified vision of certain theories. As for our programs, they have been created to enrich your spiritual practice and live in harmony with the elements, with theories, exercises and spells.

Class on Elements: Ritual Techniques Program with Theme: Love & Beauty Class on Practice: Home Magic